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Title: Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long
Author: Curt Kenobi
Pairing: Curt Wild/Lestat de Lioncourt
Rating: M (but really, this is back to light T, maybe even K+)
Summary: In the early/mid ‘90s, Curt Wild is living a rather desolate existence. Until he spots the mysterious lead singer of a suddenly nonexistent band outside an infamous club. Little does he know that he intrigues that lead singer as well…. [COMPLETE!]
Disclaimer: Not mine (but damn, aren't they hot?)
Warnings: Vampyrism, Angst, Bloodplay, PWP, Slash, Sex (in a previous chapter), and Tragedy(-not-tragedy?).
A/N: Okay, I LIEDLIEDLIED. It took two years. But it's completely complete now.


Gimme Danger 'Cos I've Slept So Long, Part One

Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long, Part Two

Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long, Part Three

Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long, Part Four A

Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long, Part Four B

Gimme Danger ‘Cos I’ve Slept So Long, Part Five



EPILOGUE – (Take One)

Lestat landed softly upon the balcony outside a loft across town. With a mental nudge, he unlocked the sliding glass door and silently glided in. Over to his left, a small desk lamp was left on, illuminating an organised mess of papers, file folders and binders. Next to it, the computer’s lights shone orange in standby. The wonders of the age, no matter how innocuous they might seem, never ceased to amaze Lestat.

But what he was here for was right across the way from him.

A dark-headed young man lay sleeping in the middle of the queen-sized bed, keeping to one side, making it obvious he was not used to – and it was not meant for him alone.

Lestat made his way to the bed, and just stood for a long moment, before moving to the side of the bed to better view the young man, and contemplate over him some more.

In the end, he sighed at himself. Damned mortal emotions – he was, as ever, far too affected by them.

Gently, he deposited his burden beside the slumbering man.

Hopefully the brightest memory of Curt’s could give him a second chance.

As he had set to drain his latest – no, Curt – he had discovered that the rocker wasn’t as far gone as he’d initially thought. With the intensity of everything right then, it had been easy to not perceive correctly. With a smile – he wasn’t sure why – he had set to do as Curt had asked. And with the first pull, an image had filled his head, radiant and almost overwhelming. A face, smiling shyly, keen dark eyes peeking from beneath limp brown bangs. Handsome, almost classical face. Almost godlike, as Lestat’s own.

The depth of emotions tied to this man was unparalleled.

Lestat consumed just enough to put Curt under, and did what his own human emotions bade him to: take Curt to the one who meant the most to him.
Lestat drifted back toward the balcony. He’d’ve made a lovely companion, but as it did now, it would have crushed Lestat for them to part.

But something in this made Lestat feel – and that was even more profound.


EPILOGUE – (Take Two)

Lestat stood against the purple glass elevator, on the rooftop, watching.

Everything seemed so new. He’d known even when he’d lived in a time of bold colours and sparkle, he’d lived in a world of muted colour. But everything now…. It was sharper – brighter. Alive.


Curt Wild was enthralled. It was like he’d been given a new life – and well, he had, hadn’t he? And it was more natural, more intoxicating than any smack rush he had ever had in his entire life.

He looked back over his shoulder at Lestat from his perch near the edge of the roof (well, from where he was on the roof behind the parapet, not on the actual edge). His eyes shown like polished silver in the night. As Lestat stepped forward and glided toward Curt, his own shown like hematite.

“Is it always gonna be like this?” Curt asked, soft awe apparent in his voice as he looked back out into the night.

“No,” Lestat responded frankly, and Curt nodded. “It will always be like this,” Lestat elaborated, “but soon the glamour of it all will be lost. You’ll forget what sight was with mere mortal eyes, and you’ll become unimpressed by how you perceive.”

Lestat stepped onto the ledge and held out a hand, shivering as Curt took it. The now-vampiric fallen rockstar still held some human warmth in his skin.

“Come, mon petit amour. There’re still hours left until the dawn.”

They stepped off the roof to drop lightly to the street below, and arm in arm they walked off into the night.

(The lyrics in the breaks are from:
“Gimme Danger” – Ewan McGregor & the Wylde Ratttz
“Slept So Long” – Jay Gordon of Orgy.)


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