Thursday, 9 August 2007 22:54
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So, I've just spent the last 15 minutes f-locking Cruel on [livejournal.com profile] pointed_epigram -- by the way, since I've had to lock it there, I thought it might be prudent that I f-lock it on my own journal.

It makes me want to cry.

I hate to realise that the best story I've ever written, the first fic of length I finished, "my little masterpiece" would be the biggest reason I would get struck-through and TOS'ed.

All because I wanted to be Curt Wild in a story. Wanted to convey him as real as I could through words.

...*sighs*...*wipes eyes*...*goes off to finish f-locking Cruel on my own journal*
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Alright, short and sweet.

I have "to next chapter" links on all of the chapters of 'Cruel'...now I just have to do the other two, three stories I've up here, eh? (note the lack of enthusiam.)

I never knew how much I loved this manual HTML whatchamacallit...um -- yeah, the original mode, or whatever. NOT RICH TEXT. Which I now am convinced bites....

I hate cleaning house on a good day. I especially hate it when the snotty landlady who's going to fail us no matter what is inspecting and I feel like shite.

Finally --

*passes out*

*opens one eye* Damn, I wanted to watch V for Vendetta.... I finally got to rent it....

It'll wait. For now.... Possibly....

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And I will. Eventually. It's an essay, and the topic is laughable to me -- it was to half the class, 'cos we're anarchists like that *_~.... I'm supposed to be emptying my mum's car, too...oh well. Right now, though, I've realised I haven't updated in what seems like ages, so I'm doing it now, though I've not much to say.

And Onward with the Rambling... )

Thank you for enjoying this trip into my own little hell (there's a reason my personality scored as "Acid"). Maybe I did have a lot of nothing to say.

I'll be back with an update on "Cruel", or maybe a snippet of Obi/Ani -- yes, I did something! Not grand, but hey!(It's supposed to be part of a longer story, but the story's being a pain...)

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I feel exactly like my icon....

I have spent the last nine days out of town...with my grandmother, two-year-old brother and my granny's shih tzu.

Now, note that this was to the Boondocks of Hell where her *cough*(backstabbing, nosy)*end cough* family resides.

No technology in her double-wide trailer/log cabin home-thing down there. A TV that doesn't get any channels...which meant I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace until I can recite not only every word, but the sound effects as well, thanks to my little brother. Gotta lurve him.

Ah, and the mental stress.... Nervous breakdowns just waiting all around...fun. Not.

But I am back in civilisation now...how I still hate it, but it's familiar at least. And technology. Like the computer. Which tells me I have definitely missed out when I come across Ewan McGregor and Stuart Townsend *omg, melts into a puddle* *HOTTNESS!!!!* *sigh*

I need to sleep. I've been up for twenty-four hours with about and hour of sleep here and there in between. And I've done my little bitch-rant. All is still not right with the world, but hey, *thinks of Diane in Trainspotting for some random, disjointed reason at that* what more did I expect?

Gah, my brain hurts....

Acid Trip and Tears

Wednesday, 5 July 2006 14:52
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Off the main subject of today, I'm coming to like my new journal style. Like a Domino kinda thing with Young Adam in the background. Writing acid trip. Wow.

On to the main dilemma:

I've think I have lost like every fanfic I've ever written. Some of them are retrievable (Cruel, For the Sake of Honour, Embers Before Me, Mates) but the rest...there were like eight. And I only have bits and pieces of most of them. What sucks more is that really, the only stories I had had on that disk that survived unscathed were the two I am writing with Davis. Which hurts. I mean, not only are those stories doing better than anything I've ever written, they're the only stories I'm not going to have to do a ton of work to try and retrieve. 

I did start writing a Blue Juice AU kinda story 'cos I severely needed to hurt a character -- what better one than Dean, y'know? I'll probably post it here later on.....


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