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Just to prove that I'm not dead, but I'm not in a productive state either:

Gacked from [ profile] izzardwizzard and [ profile] pennilesspoet17's pages...

Five lists of five.

Five Favorite Childhood Books/Series

1. Wayside School Trilogy
2. The Sweep series
3. The Alex Rider novels
4. Harry Potter, of course

Five Places I Want To Visit Before I Die

1. Scotland
2. Ireland
3. Australia
4. Romania
5. Seattle, Washington

Five Movies/Series I'll Love Forever

1. The Crow
2. Labyrinth
3. Velvet Goldmine
4. X-Men -- any of the animated series
5. Batman movies

Five Comfort Foods I Love

1. A fried egg w/ cajun seasoning
2. Cottage fries
3. Mint choc. chip ice cream with butterscotch
4. Reese's cups. tons and tons of Reese's cups.
5. Rice. just rice w/ salt and butter.

Five Well, let's make that Ten Men I'd Like To...

1. Ewan McGregor
2. Stuart Townsend
3. Djimon Hounsou
4. Heath Ledger
5. Kurt Cobain
6. Cillian Murphy
7. Jonas Armstrong
8. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
9. Eddie Izzard
10. ...And any guy who looks sorta like Ewan McGregor... (stole that rather shamelessly fae [ profile] pennilesspoet17, but it really is quite true...)
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There are NO words for how utterly...infectious he is! AND HE'S STILL ON!!!!

What am I doing?????!!!!

*poof! runs madly downstairs to the TV*

ETA: That has to have been the greatest time I've seen him on a talk show. Better than the water fight. I'm seriously -- I seriously think I'll still be giggling about this weeks later.

Alright, that's that: I desperately need for someone to craft a patch, similar to the nicotine patch, only for Ewan addiction. Really. As the albino chick in Not Another Teen Movie sang, "I'm not kidding. Somebody please fucking help me."

*dies laughing -- no, let's be honest: it's a giggle-fit*


"What did we learn tonight?" (Besides everything you listed, Craig:) That two crazy Scottish men who are adorably funny should never be allowed in the same room together, for utter madness, far too fast-catching and likeable, will ensue, and the world -will- be theirs.

...And that George Lucas needs to come off those cut nude scenes, cos there are fangirls that want that more than we ever wanted Hayden's chest.


*is so glad that sie taped this on DVR*
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is that even spelt right?

Who cares? Let's just put it plainly: I am a nerd and have no life. Batman (let's speak truthfully now) The Joker owns my soul. I love that everyone is so off the Batman trail for Joker. Cos he's so much cooler. Gah, these crime fighters and their driven agendas. Why can't they just cut lose and cause a little mayhem? (Oh yeah, cos they're the -good- guys. teh snoooze.)

...So, I'm seriously thinking that a Dark Knight viral addicts support group is in order, lol.

We'll all be in Arkham by July 18th.

Now, damn the Joker and his April Fool's Day anticipation. He's distracted me from the bigger issue, which not even me getting ohmigodiwishiwasanneforaminutesoicouldtotallydighiskinglymight over Jonny Rhys Meyers at 8 and 9 on Showtime made me forget:


(Can't have him getting away now, can we?)


Monday, 10 March 2008 13:04
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I about died last night.

I was watching Hell's Kitchen on Fox Reality ('cos I have this masochistic like of Gordon Ramsay, evidently) and there was a commercial break featuring shows to come. And right before my mum flipped the channel, I see this face I recognised, I thought, and told her to flip it back. I keep watching.

The sunglasses. And the hair.

I about died.

LONG WAY ROUND (and LONG WAY DOWN!!!) will be on Fox Reality. I just don't know when. But I'm...honestly a little afraid at how intensely I reacted to just the brief clips on the commercial. *hangs head* Fuck's sake, that's sad, lol.


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