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Yeah, I know I said I had no faith in Internet support (I still don't).

But it let me sign in today.

So I submitted a "ticket" telling them about this inability to upload new documents. 

(Need I mention I have absolutely no clue what I am doing?)

Supposedly, they'll get back to me. 

(I still have no clue what I did or if it was "right" -- I hate stuff like this.)

But to everyone that's been having trouble, maybe they'll fix it sooner. Hopefully. Possibly. I'm a pessimist. 

I just know I'm running out of sticks, lighter fluid and matches. is a....

Thursday, 22 June 2006 17:37
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Okay, I am so pissed at right now, it isn't funny. Stupid site -- I've been trying since about midday yesterday to upload a story. No bloody chance.

Hope for a difference today?
No bloody chance.

Even went to the library. No change. (Though I did find my disk with my spell-checked stories and even word counted every chapter thus far plus two in "Cruel".)

And what happens when you try an be a good little ticked off person and report it to the "Support"?

You sign in and it doesn't bloody register!

So much for that. It does nothing to instill any faith in me in internet support. 

Ugh! All I want to do is upload ONE story! This sucks.
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Ah...I'm sad. 
My kitty has gone back to stay with her brothers and sister. 
My mum's friends cats won the war.
I miss her. Even if she did make messes of almost everything, made the other cats extremely para, tried to eat the pushpins off my posters, clawed my bedroom door and was unearthly hyper-active.
I miss my little mongrel.
It doesn't help that when we left, she wasn't exactly getting along with Ares and Titan. Got used to that freedom, and now her wings are cut. 
Hopefully she can come back soon.
Is it wrong of me to be secretly really pissed at the other two cats? I mean, it's not their fault their anti-social.
Who am I kiddin'?


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