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I just totally have not put anything together in fanfic in ages, and that's what I've kind of reduced this journal to use for (that and keeping up with awesome people and cool fics, even if I never comment cos I'm lame). I have a shiteload -- none of it complete, and most of it not to current WiPs. Having a crisis of writing ability, not to mention the on-going crises of RL here.

But my year has been made. The year I turned nineteen and barely remembered I was actually now "an adult" -- jeez, how am I supposed to deal with 20 in like 4 months??? But, anyways, my year's been made.

5 years since the awesomeness that is Smile Empty Soul burst on the scene, dubbed by some as the new Nirvana...they've done a Nirvana cover. It's like chocolate and butterscotch sauce on mint chocolate chip and peppermint ice cream (with cherries!): Perfection! I am happy ^_^

Plus, I've an opportunity to make money for the fam, courtesy of one of my best friends -- maybe I'll be the one to turn 2010 around.

...But first, integrated science awaits me. It and a portfolio are all that stands between me and my (much-delayed, much-awaited) HS diploma. Whoo. Wow.

Flickr Meme...

Tuesday, 2 December 2008 22:04
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So...ever the follower...nabbed from at least four people in like the past week....

Answer each of the questions below the cut using the Flickr search engine.
Choose a photo from the first three pages.
Copy the URL of your favorite photos here.

Then share with the world.

01. First Name
02. Favorite Food
03. Hometown
04. Favorite Color
05. Celebrity Crush
06. Favorite Drink
07. Dream Holiday
08. Favorite Dessert
09. What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
10. What I Love Most in the World
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. My LiveJournal Name

Pretties... )
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Just to prove that I'm not dead, but I'm not in a productive state either:

Gacked from [ profile] izzardwizzard and [ profile] pennilesspoet17's pages...

Five lists of five.

Five Favorite Childhood Books/Series

1. Wayside School Trilogy
2. The Sweep series
3. The Alex Rider novels
4. Harry Potter, of course

Five Places I Want To Visit Before I Die

1. Scotland
2. Ireland
3. Australia
4. Romania
5. Seattle, Washington

Five Movies/Series I'll Love Forever

1. The Crow
2. Labyrinth
3. Velvet Goldmine
4. X-Men -- any of the animated series
5. Batman movies

Five Comfort Foods I Love

1. A fried egg w/ cajun seasoning
2. Cottage fries
3. Mint choc. chip ice cream with butterscotch
4. Reese's cups. tons and tons of Reese's cups.
5. Rice. just rice w/ salt and butter.

Five Well, let's make that Ten Men I'd Like To...

1. Ewan McGregor
2. Stuart Townsend
3. Djimon Hounsou
4. Heath Ledger
5. Kurt Cobain
6. Cillian Murphy
7. Jonas Armstrong
8. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
9. Eddie Izzard
10. ...And any guy who looks sorta like Ewan McGregor... (stole that rather shamelessly fae [ profile] pennilesspoet17, but it really is quite true...)
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There are NO words for how utterly...infectious he is! AND HE'S STILL ON!!!!

What am I doing?????!!!!

*poof! runs madly downstairs to the TV*

ETA: That has to have been the greatest time I've seen him on a talk show. Better than the water fight. I'm seriously -- I seriously think I'll still be giggling about this weeks later.

Alright, that's that: I desperately need for someone to craft a patch, similar to the nicotine patch, only for Ewan addiction. Really. As the albino chick in Not Another Teen Movie sang, "I'm not kidding. Somebody please fucking help me."

*dies laughing -- no, let's be honest: it's a giggle-fit*


"What did we learn tonight?" (Besides everything you listed, Craig:) That two crazy Scottish men who are adorably funny should never be allowed in the same room together, for utter madness, far too fast-catching and likeable, will ensue, and the world -will- be theirs.

...And that George Lucas needs to come off those cut nude scenes, cos there are fangirls that want that more than we ever wanted Hayden's chest.


*is so glad that sie taped this on DVR*
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So. Nabbed from [ profile] goldfishlover73.

1. My username is ______ because ______.
Radge_one. Cos I'm crazy, and radge is Scots slang for it.

2. My name is _____ because ______.
Kurdt, because I like it better than my real name?

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
Radge Thoughts. Because i lack creativity and these are my crazy thoughts?

4. My journal subtitle is ____ because ____.
Oh dear god. Um. "Angst galore, randomness assured, obsessing guaranteed" cos I'm obsessive and random and moody.

5. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
At least they know me here. Because at least they sorta/maybe/kinda/okay not so much do?

6. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
Curt Wild in his jacket from the bar scene, leaning against something. cos it's simple and Curt's my alter ego.
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is that even spelt right?

Who cares? Let's just put it plainly: I am a nerd and have no life. Batman (let's speak truthfully now) The Joker owns my soul. I love that everyone is so off the Batman trail for Joker. Cos he's so much cooler. Gah, these crime fighters and their driven agendas. Why can't they just cut lose and cause a little mayhem? (Oh yeah, cos they're the -good- guys. teh snoooze.)

...So, I'm seriously thinking that a Dark Knight viral addicts support group is in order, lol.

We'll all be in Arkham by July 18th.

Now, damn the Joker and his April Fool's Day anticipation. He's distracted me from the bigger issue, which not even me getting ohmigodiwishiwasanneforaminutesoicouldtotallydighiskinglymight over Jonny Rhys Meyers at 8 and 9 on Showtime made me forget:


(Can't have him getting away now, can we?)
curtkenobi: (just Curt)'s bad when family members find it highly amusing to channel surf and have me stand in the other room and tell them what's on.

..."Fucking Bobby Flay. In Ireland. ...He's wearing his orange sweater, isn't he? Change the damned channel. I'm not even watching and I can't stand this."

(after being told what just happened since there was no dialogue, the overview being, "Did you know that when a tree hits a horse and carriage, it can flip completely but still land upright?") ..."Yeah? They did that in An American Haunting."

I think I only missed two. But when it's like Pigmallion (which I got some credit cos I said My Fair Lady) and It Takes Two, it's...

...really, really, really sad. *facepalm* And I need a crown of movie and TV parts, that doesn't have little prongs, but rabbit ears.

Anyways, I've got another "Box for All My Story Thoughts" to start, this one specifically focused on just Nova and the other seriously AU, temp title being "Indefinite Absolutes".


Monday, 10 March 2008 13:04
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I about died last night.

I was watching Hell's Kitchen on Fox Reality ('cos I have this masochistic like of Gordon Ramsay, evidently) and there was a commercial break featuring shows to come. And right before my mum flipped the channel, I see this face I recognised, I thought, and told her to flip it back. I keep watching.

The sunglasses. And the hair.

I about died.

LONG WAY ROUND (and LONG WAY DOWN!!!) will be on Fox Reality. I just don't know when. But I'm...honestly a little afraid at how intensely I reacted to just the brief clips on the commercial. *hangs head* Fuck's sake, that's sad, lol.
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Is it really sad that I'm not just waiting for the New Year as a restart in general -- and my birthday -- and a valid reason to hang up the James Dean calendar I got...

...but I'm waiting for midnight on the 31st/1st because I really want to see some more Dark Knight viral campaigning?


I blame Jason. >:P
curtkenobi: (sick boy and rents)!!!

Comment with one of my fandoms and I'll reply with:

01. The first character I fell in love with
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
03. The character everyone else loves that I don't
04. The character I love that everyone else hates
05. The character I used to love but don't any longer
06. The character I would shag
07. The character I'd want to be like
08. The character I'd slap
09. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise

My fandoms are....

Velvet Goldmine
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Vampire Chronicles
(1-4 really and mainly just the movies, lol)
and of course [ profile] a_looking_glass (last but not least at all.)

So comment luvvies! Gimme a reason to unhook my brain from homework and boring novels!



Thursday, 9 August 2007 22:54
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So, I've just spent the last 15 minutes f-locking Cruel on [ profile] pointed_epigram -- by the way, since I've had to lock it there, I thought it might be prudent that I f-lock it on my own journal.

It makes me want to cry.

I hate to realise that the best story I've ever written, the first fic of length I finished, "my little masterpiece" would be the biggest reason I would get struck-through and TOS'ed.

All because I wanted to be Curt Wild in a story. Wanted to convey him as real as I could through words.

...*sighs*...*wipes eyes*...*goes off to finish f-locking Cruel on my own journal*
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So, I snagged this from [ profile] goldfishlover73 Hopefully my typos aren't too bad but I totally can't see from where I'm typing in the floor....

So, Slash Meme

Tell us about yourself...and those slashy -- tendencies, yeah, that's it... )
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So...I did this a while back. Meant to post it sooner. Haven't had the chance. I know it's not exactly Ani and Obi and Xan and Granta, but visual aid is always good...especially when it's that hot. Anyways, I present:

Fanart, of a sort.
The boys of Nova, in black and white...sorta.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Random Babbling )
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(Snagged from the awesome [ profile] xtinethepirate, who snagged it from the magnificient [ profile] monchy ^__^)

So it goes:
If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

In my case, it's definitely more than one, more like "all but one", lol. My f-list is short, and I don't talk much, but I definitely read, and enjoy, and sympathise, and appreciate. I lurve all of you, more than anyone can realise.

*♥s and hugs*
curtkenobi: (jonny rhys-meyers) I haven't posted in a while. I've two attempts at drabbles, one ALG, one VG -- that I intend to post soon, though, in lieu of that actual new chapter to Gimme Danger. I'm halfway through that and working on Nova and Ironic.

So, the whole point of this: it goes back to a question I read on I think [ profile] pointed_epigram: "Why is young Arthur's face so red?"

I think it's just a British thing. Example, or proof: Prince Harry. Adorable redhead (way cuter than his brother, in my opinion). But he has the exact same rosy cheeks as flashback Arthur.
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Okay, aimless entry, but with something of worth!

This no internet is killing me. I'm SO...just blah. It's bad. But I did finish editing Lit, my novel, and I looked up some local publishing companies, but haven't called yet. I still want to send it to Simon and Schuster, agent or no agent. That'll be the next thing I look into.

I'm waiting for my former history teacher to get his tattoo I designed, which he said he'd pay me for -- which will be hard to keep up with since next week, I'll be on eSchool. Wow. It's an interesting tatt (even if it should be an armband and not a back piece *shakes head*) and I'm just happy I'm practising and getting a portfolio together.

But anyways, not having internet has played havok mostly with my fanficcing. But I have been working on "Gimme Danger 'Cos I've Slept So Long" -- and I present a flash preview. Very vampyric.

Lestat kissed the side of the former rockstar’s neck; closing his own eyes with a soft groan at the heady sensation... )

Whee! Hopefully I'll have that finished and other ficcy stuff...eventually. Next time I'm back, I'll have the collage of sorts I made of Granta, Xan, Obi and Ani. (Jonny, Stuart, Ewan and Hayden)
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Whee!!!! Our phone should be turned back on by next Wednesday!!!! Which means anytime/full-time (just about) Internet access -- no longer being friend and fandom-deprived!

Unfortunately...five days after that, I'm gone to NYC for five days. But I'll still be able to get on the computer at two a.m. on Saturday morning or whatever without having to worry over nosy librarians and hour-long time restraints and every six hours to re-log on for just that one hour *facepalm* rules. *in best lil' Ani Skywalker impersonation* Yippee!!!!

ETA: Okay, scrap the getting the Internet and phone back...maybe for the entire month *doesn't know whether to cry, scream or do all and more* Grr.... Hello, library, I'm stuck with the snotty librarian for a bit longer.... And then I start E-school.
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So, I'm pretty quiet, but I'm gonna have to be quieter. 'Cos right now, I've got major apartment cleaning to undertake, the reasons of just general need to, possible moving, and possible *is trying to be positive (though that's a different story entirely)* stowing away of another person being foremost in why. And it's no small task, therefore, I'm disconnected. *pouts*

But I'll be back...comment belatedly on things of interest...and update, 'cos even though I won't have computer access, I will have notebooks to scribble in. Unfortunately, I'm gonna be way late on the prompt challenge for [ profile] algcreative. *facepalm*


Edit: (Ostara) Okay, so I finished Initiation Rites. Unfortunately, my phone was cut off last Thursday. So...hopefully speaking...I should have it posted tomorrow. Everything is going completely wrong on my end here. *facesmack*


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