Thursday, 9 August 2007 22:54
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So, I've just spent the last 15 minutes f-locking Cruel on [livejournal.com profile] pointed_epigram -- by the way, since I've had to lock it there, I thought it might be prudent that I f-lock it on my own journal.

It makes me want to cry.

I hate to realise that the best story I've ever written, the first fic of length I finished, "my little masterpiece" would be the biggest reason I would get struck-through and TOS'ed.

All because I wanted to be Curt Wild in a story. Wanted to convey him as real as I could through words.

...*sighs*...*wipes eyes*...*goes off to finish f-locking Cruel on my own journal*
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I hurt. Most notably my eyes, my shoulders and my back. But I REALLY hurt.

This entry is not nearly as humourous as the last one -- of course, burying things is not supposed to be humourous, and it isn't, just the things round while you do it are.

Of course, grandmothers are buzzkills to twisted senses of humour.

So, I had to bury the cat that I have for the last three or four years claimed was posessed. She and I often rubbed each other the wrong way, but I mean, the cat screamed at me. It could say the word "milk". There's something...odd, there.

So onward with the lessons learnt and the worries... )

Acid Trip and Tears

Wednesday, 5 July 2006 14:52
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Off the main subject of today, I'm coming to like my new journal style. Like a Domino kinda thing with Young Adam in the background. Writing acid trip. Wow.

On to the main dilemma:

I've think I have lost like every fanfic I've ever written. Some of them are retrievable (Cruel, For the Sake of Honour, Embers Before Me, Mates) but the rest...there were like eight. And I only have bits and pieces of most of them. What sucks more is that really, the only stories I had had on that disk that survived unscathed were the two I am writing with Davis. Which hurts. I mean, not only are those stories doing better than anything I've ever written, they're the only stories I'm not going to have to do a ton of work to try and retrieve. 

I did start writing a Blue Juice AU kinda story 'cos I severely needed to hurt a character -- what better one than Dean, y'know? I'll probably post it here later on.....
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Ah...I'm sad. 
My kitty has gone back to stay with her brothers and sister. 
My mum's friends cats won the war.
I miss her. Even if she did make messes of almost everything, made the other cats extremely para, tried to eat the pushpins off my posters, clawed my bedroom door and was unearthly hyper-active.
I miss my little mongrel.
It doesn't help that when we left, she wasn't exactly getting along with Ares and Titan. Got used to that freedom, and now her wings are cut. 
Hopefully she can come back soon.
Is it wrong of me to be secretly really pissed at the other two cats? I mean, it's not their fault their anti-social.
Who am I kiddin'?


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