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So...I, for want of better organisation -- not because I actually have a lot of fic -- am throwing together a masterlist. Most things can be accessed through their tags, but I figured a HQ of links would be nice. Updated with each new entry...cos I have no life.

This-a way... Like most things here, it's a WiP -- )
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Title: Underneath the Stars
Curt Kenobi
Word Count:

Summary: "That what Heaven's like, Cas – for you? All endless and twinkly." "No. …We don't have stars." "Well, that's a loss." "…I think I prefer this." {AKA: A little moment, underneath the stars, atop the Impala in the middle of nowhere, Heartland, USA.}

Genre/Warnings: Schmoop. Ohmigod, schmoop. Songfic, of a sort? *hangs head*
Dean/Cas (probably can be read as friendship or preslash, but either way, it all boils down to them.)
None, really. Just place it somewhere late-s4 up through now or in AU-land. It's flexible like that.

Disclaimer: Supernatural's all Kripke's fanboy dream…I'm just a fanboi of his. I make no money, don't sue – I'm beyond poor.

A/N: I think this is only the second schmoopy thing I've ever written, and the first was comfort pr0n. But yeah, it's karking schmoop. And, just putting it out there...there probably will be a companion/continuation to this, even more songficcy, and probably still fluffy.

Also: Title shamelessly – and unoriginally – taken from the song that inspired this thing, "Underneath the Stars [Renholdër Remix]" by the Cure f/ Maynard James Keenan and Milla (I like it over the original, but either does it; same lyrics). Lyrically it's all Robert Smith's; I'm just inspired by it.

Underneath the stars -- alight for 13 billion years -- the view is beautiful, and ours alone tonight... )

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Title: Time Heals
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Sometimes, it encourages them to fester.
Rating: PG-13/T (for imagery)
Word Count: ~350
Genre/Warnings: Angst, gory imagery (horror?)
Timeline/Spoilers: S4 forward. Somewheres in there. (No spoilers if you know Dean is the Lazarus in the S4 opener’s title.)

Disclaimer: Supernatural's all Kripke's fanboy dream…I'm just a fanboi of his. I make no money, don't sue – I'm really beyond poor.

Time heals all wounds. )
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Title: Mosaic
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T/PG-13
Angst. H/little C? AU/AR – canon-change. Gen (Dean/Cas preslash?)
Word Count: 3704
Summary: He hadn't expected to ever see him again, not really. —He didn't expect the punch to the face.— …And…he didn't expect for him to crumple beneath the blow.
{follow-up to Fractured and Heavier Than Heaven.}

Disclaimer: Supernatural's all Kripke's fanboy dream…I'm just a fanboi of his. I make no money, don't sue – I'm really beyond poor.

A/N: Still with the stupid tense. Damn creative ideas. Not sure on this one either, but I'll probably come to terms with it. ...Dean's post-traumatic mutism is kicking in. But that's just the start of the dysfunction with these two. Ah, happy reunions…not. And yeah, Dean is wallowing a bit. But just like always, it'll be over soon when guilt/sense of duty kicks in.
A/N2: There maybe a second part to this, like a "Day Two" kinda thing.
Last thing: The whole E.A. Poe "you heard me rapping, right?"-line is from The Crow. (Because it is made of amazing.)

Instalment I: Fractured
Instalment II: Heavier Than Heaven

Instal. III: Mosaic --My body's broken; yours is bent-- )

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Title: They Say Cats Are Portals
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: SPN
Summary: (The prompt from [ profile] gabby_silang was) Lisa and Ben adopt a cat. "That is not a cat," Dean tells them, but they don't listen.
Rating: PG-13 (light R?)
Warnings: Character death, blood, installation of mistrust in household pet ;)
Word Count: 2747

A/N: Also inspired by a prompt at the [ profile] sharp_teeth meme, rightchere: clickity ...A little better go on the horror with this one, but I mighta fallen apart near the end.

I also think it might paint me a little twisted -- not like that's not true or anything -- but I find the story a bit funny >.>

Oh, and my cat, Obi-Wan was the model for Shadow. He's just like Shadow in the asshole department, even though I have another full-on black cat named Azazel that's closer in looks.

I can hear the voice but I don't wanna listen )
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Title: Heavier Than Heaven
Curt Kenobi
Angst. AU/AR – canon-change. Cas-centric, Gen (leading to Dean/Cas).
Word Count: 1809
Summary: It takes Castiel moments longer to put together just what is wrong with this scenario he finds himself in: laying in a field in a light drizzle, pain stabbing through his unnervingly heavy body. His vessel body.

Raphael. {follow-up to Fractured, but can stand alone}

Disclaimer: Supernatural's all Kripke's fanboy dream…I'm just a fanboi of his. I make no money, don't sue – I'm really beyond poor. And the title is originally from the title of a biography on Kurt Cobain. Dude that wrote it beat me to it; just using it cos it fits.

A/N: I'm not exactly sure if I like this; I didn't expect Castiel to be so hard to write. Complex bastard. Oh well, hopefully it will work. Anyways, still with the suckage at this tense, but taking up for all mistakes :) Oh, and here's where we veer into AU territory. Next is Dean and Cas, and if you know Dean, it's probably as you expect.

Previously: Instalment I: Fractured

Instal. II: Heavier Than Heaven --Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, for real-- )

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Title: Family
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Sammy wanted him to promise to have a family. Well...he did.
Rating: PG/K+ (one bad word, oh well)
Word Count: 100 (after much mincing)

Disclaimer: This is all Kripke's bad trip. I just add my own dashes for fun. Don't sue me -- me = poor admiring fan.
A/N: I've had this on my mind since Swan Song aired. I finally found a way to present it as more than just the last line, which I wanted to shout for the first coupla episodes of season six.
I haven't actually heard the song I use for the break, but I like Fleetwood Mac and I stumbled across it and it screamed Dean.


Ben has his mother’s eyes, all big and full of concern, glancing furtively across his dinner plate at Dean. Lisa’s all sympathy and quiet backing – what every good man needs, right? Bright, sweet kid and a strong, supportive woman to stand at his side. Family: ready-made.

He cares about Lisa, and Ben. He really does. Or did – y’know, before what was left of his heart was ripped out and tossed down an otherworldly chasm. He’s trying to have a family, that apple-pie life. For Sammy.

…But he never wanted a family of his own.

He just fucking wanted his family.

(The lyrics in the page break are from "Family Man" by Fleetwood Mac.)
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Title: Inefficacious
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: He knows he doesn't want to hear what's coming. 5.04"The End"!verse/apoca!fic.
Rating: PG/K+ (cos it's angsty)
Word Count: 100 (w00t, an actual drabble!)

Disclaimer: This is all Kripke's bad trip. I just add my own dashes for fun. Don't sue me -- I is po'.
A/N: Totally got hit with this idea right before I passed out this afternoon and scribbled it down in like a few minutes. Polished up it just a bit ago; it's just a little something.


“You can’t save everyone,” Cas offers as Dean spirals further into his closed-in rage. The green glare cuts across the distance between them with intent, as surely as the Bowie would. Cas stares at the blood-covered, balled fists – at Dean’s tense, wired, worn form. The light glinting upon the bottle in his hand.

He knows he doesn’t want to hear what’s coming.

“And you can’t save anyone!

I saved you – it’s on the tip of his tongue. But Dean’s right: that was Castiel. And looking at the ragged man before him, what’s left of Dean Winchester, -Cas- realises he’s right.

(Lyric in the break is from “Blue" by A Perfect Circle.)
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Title: Fractured
Author: Curt Kenobi
Fandom: Supernatural {post-'Swan Song' 5x22}
Genre: Angst. Canon-ish and gen for this part, but a lead-in for AU/AR – canon-change and Dean/Cas preslash.
Word Count: 1502
Summary: post-'Swan Song' – Dean doesn't go to Lisa, at least not right away. No, there's too much that he doesn't want to face that's coming up on him anyway.
Rating: T/PG-13 (cos Dean's got a mouth like mine)
Disclaimer: Supernatural's all Kripke's fanboy dream…I'm just a fanboi of his. I make no money, don't sue – I'm really beyond poor.

A/N: So this is my first foray into Supernatural. Hopefully not too bad of a thing. And while a stand-alone, this is actually Instalment I. Thinking the collection will be called "Pieces to Form a Whole." The next instalment is Cas-centric. He goes back to play Angelic Sheriff, and well, Raphael goes Eric Clapton, after a fashion. Oh, and I really suck at this tense, but I’m trying my hand at it. All mistakes're mine.

ETA: NOW WITH AUDIOFIC! Read by me, complete with my odd pronounciations and noobness >.> Clickity »»here«« for linkity-links. ;)

Instal. I: Fractured --I can't get any lower/I can't find all the pieces of my broken life-- )


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