Kitty Problems

Friday, 9 June 2006 08:10
curtkenobi: (renton)

I have kitty probs. 

My dear kitten/cat not to mention familiar, formally Jaina Dewlanna Solo, has come home to my apartment with me due to recurrent escape attempts from my grandmother's front porch where she stayed with her brother Ares and sister Titan. What one has to understand is that Jai-Jai is a social creature, and if I may snag a line from Domino, "like a ferret on crystal meth." She's loving, don't get me wrong, but she could jump to hyperspace without a hyperdrive. 

Enter problem two: My mum's friend has two cats. They are very anti-social beings. Not to mention used to ruling the roost here. So, Jai-Jai naturally wants to be buddy-buddy, while the other two naturally want nothing to do with her, "why the hell are you here?" kind of deal. It doesn't help that Jai is...insistent in her wanting to make new friends -- that in-your-face hi-hi-HI! kind of approach. 

They do not get along. At all. She's all but been swiped across the nose -- there has been enough hissing going on to make that pit of asps in Raiders of the Lost Ark seem like nothing. 

So Jaina has free reign on my room, and serious separation anxiety. 

I have such a neurotic cat. But, that's why she's mine. Like personalities and all. ;-)

God, one of the cats just finally left her hiding spot from under the kitchen table ready to launch a full scale attack on my cat. 

Tickets for WWIII by three cats, anybody?


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